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 İleti başlığı: GTA 5 crashing when entering Los Santos Customs PC
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Kayıt: 16 Ekim 2017, 06:08
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I just purchased GTA V for the PC 3 days ago, took me 3 days to download (downloading overnight @ 700kb/s). So today's the first day actually playing. I load in and put about 2-3 good hours in, before reaching the missions Father and Son (something like that). Where Michael has to save Jimmy from his boat that was stolen. Well after saving Jimmy, the car breaks down and it tells you to take it to the Los Santos Customs nearest to me (franklin knows the guy).

I take it to the guy, go inside the shop, and after I click on repair or fix the car gets repairs, and I see all the car upgrades. But it immediately freezes, and I get the error "GTA V has stopped working" and then it will crash. I replayed the mission over 10 times now, and rebooted my PC 2 different times. Still crashes every time. The weird part is I can enter the Los Santos Customs shop, and then I can leave. I tried visiting 3 different Los Santos Customs, but it told me they were closed. So I took the car back, and it crashed after repairing it.

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